Slumped Glass (Artist's own jean pocket), Pine, Copper Piping, Plastic, Flowering Tea, Keys


We were born in Croydon 

but we’re also part Peckham (and a little Bermondsey)

she was moving around a lot at this time you see.

And it was during this time that she noticed, 

the proliferation of our relatives, 

and how we’ve spread sporadically, 

all down to the cramp quarters of this city.


But there’s certainly a strong family resemblance, 

we’ve all concrete slabs, a box shape and glass face,

and our style’s very much of the same taste.

Very ikea-esque -like patio sets -just room for a coffee or tea 

You see we’re always trying to be green

since our ancestors are the real trees.


I guess we know we can’t match these guys,

which is why we do try to keep it low key

create a level of invisibility, for a status of normality. 

Only once you get to know us like she did, 

you’ll realise we are a bit strange,

and that we balcony ‘gardens’ aren’t so subtle

in fact we’re actually now all the range.

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